Barton Creek Cave Reserve

In Belize’s Cayo District, there exists an area and accompanying small river known as Barton Creek. The river serves as a lawful contribution to the Belize River. This location is recognized for its historical significance as well as its popularity among travelers. Situated in the upper Barton Creek vicinity close to San Ignacio within the Cayo District. Barton Creek is a frequently visited destination for tours within the Belize’s Cayo District. Belize boasts of having one of the most extended underground locations. A survey conducted in both 2002 and 2005 mapped out no less than 5 miles of cave tunnels, and there are still another 4-5 miles that are yet to be explored.

Discover the compelling reasons to explore Barton Creek. This cave has gained fame not only for being the biggest river cave in Belize but also for being a frequently visited spot among Cayo District’s vacationers. Within the initial kilometer of a Mayan ritualistic cavern, among artifacts such as trinkets, pottery fragments, and other miscellaneous objects, lies the remains of over two dozen people from various age ranges. These remains are situated on ten naturally formed platforms along the riverbed. Barton Creek harbors a plethora of insights into comprehending the significance of caves in the culture of Maya civilization. The findings from the excavation suggest that the Maya utilized the cave for a diverse range of activities, such as conducting agricultural ceremonies, potentially engaging in fertility rituals, performing ritualistic bloodshed, carrying out human sacrifices, and intermingling families.

The Barton Creek Cave, which was unearthed by Peace Corps volunteers in 1970, is a striking wet cave resembling a cathedral. It is situated on the Bogaert family’s property, and it has become one of the most sought-after tour attractions in the Cayo District of Belize. This underground waterway is a must-see on many vacationers’ schedules when traveling to Belize. Ancient Mayans, who once lived in the vicinity, deemed this cavern as the “underworld” and employed it as a burial ground. It’s possible to come across human remains within the cave.

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Barton Creek Cave Reserve

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