Northern Belize

Northern Belize is not normally considered a priority destination for most visitors to Belize because much of the land is made up of flat coastal plains and savannahs. The main activity is farming and for miles, the landscape is dominated by cattle ranges and sugarcane. The principle towns are Corozal, situated 10 miles north of the Mexican border, and Orange Walk, located 52 miles north of Belize City. Both towns have a distinctly Latin feel, and Spanish is the native tongue for many, though most everyone speaks Creole.

Things To Do

With colonial towns steeped in history, picturesque fishing villages, ancient Mayan sites, easy going Northern Belize makes for a good place to get off the beaten track.

Sarteneja & Shipstern Nature Reserve




Santa Rita

4 Mile Lagoon

Lamanai - Maya Ruin

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

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