Southern Belize

Often referred to as “the forgotten land”, the Toledo District is the southernmost district of Belize and is the least visited destination in Belize. However, Since the paving of the Southern Highway, travelers have been able to access the area more easily, and for those with the spirit to venture off the beaten path, the natural and cultural diversity of Toledo makes a visit to this district an opportunity for a rich cultural experience, along with some high adventure.

Punta Gorda is the largest town in Southern Belize and gateway to lush rainforest, waterfalls, rivers, extensive cave systems and numerous protected areas teeming with wildlife. Known locally as “PG”, the inhabitants are typically Garifuna and East Indian who speak a creole dialect.

Things To Do from Southern Belize

Experience the Maya Culture


Maya Sites


Blue Creek Cave

Tiger Cave

Rio Blanco Falls

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