St Herman’s Blue Hole and Cave

St. Herman’s Blue Hole and Cave is situated on the Hummingbird Highway, approximately 12 miles (20 km) southeast of Belmopan, covering over 500 acres of luxurious tropical rainforest. The Belize Audubon Society manages the park, which is home to an abundant 200 bird species and a variety of wildlife, including howler monkeys, whose vocalizations can be heard frequently throughout the forest. The cave was once used for Mayan ceremonies and rituals, and remnants of those activities can still be found today. The park’s main attractions are the St. Herman’s Cave and the Blue Hole, which are connected by an underground stream.

The Blue Hole is a stunning sight, formed by the collapse of an underground limestone cave, and is a cool and refreshing place to take a swim. The river that flowed through the original cavern still flows through the cave system, creating a sapphire-colored pool at the bottom of the cenote. The depression measures approximately 100 feet deep and 300 feet in diameter, with a depth of about 25 feet at the base of the Blue Hole. Two entrance areas with parking and visitor-friendly amenities, such as a picnic area, visitor center, gift shop, and trailheads, are available in the park. The second entrance provides easy access to the Blue Hole, a picnic area, restrooms, and changing rooms.

The national park comprises three primary attractions. St. Herman’s Cave is one of the most accessible caves in the country and one of the few that can be explored without a guide. The Inland Blue Hole, surrounded by jungle vegetation and limestone rock walls, is another attraction within the park. The water in the Blue Hole is part of an underground cave system that flows into the Sibun River. Crystal Cave is another cave, but it is a challenging excursion and can only be visited with a guide. This deep cave poses physical challenges, and guests should be prepared to use rappelling equipment and travel through narrow passages.

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St Herman’s Blue Hole and Cave

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