Belize Island Hopping

Look for that extra-ordinary experience at sea in Belize. Dose spending the visiting one more island of the cost of Placencia sounds good. Activities during your day trip, can be Fishing, Snorkeling, Diving or Partying or just Relaxing. There is surely some thing to do for everyone, Family and Groups are the recommended size for these experience.

A highlight of these trips are; snorkeling island not yet fully formed. Visiting island resort where you can enjoy a party (you take care of the tab). An island Birthday party is some you can do during you vacation in Belize. Fishing in difference location like a local fisherman, visiting is best spots to fish, or simply scuba dive different dive sites.

Included in Island Adventure trip
Park fees, Lunch, Water, Sodas or juice
Guide and dive Gears.

Please bring along: Sunscreen and towels.

Depart at 9 a.m from our dock on the lagoon side of Placencia
Travel time: 1-hour boat ride to the park

Island Experiences
Live Like a modern fisherman for Day

Enjoy an unplanned adventure at our family owned private island. Many of these guides are a fisherman who once lived off the sea. Catch and eating fish, conch, lobster or crabs. This is your opportunity to go snorkeling for lobster or conch, which the guide will catch for you, once spotted. These catches will be your lunch on the island. Its also to perfect opportunity to just escape it all. Enjoy sunbathing and go snorkeling when you are ready.

A Day at a Resort Island

Here you may find some restriction set by the resort on what you can do, but its still a great escape for a day. The resort would have more amenities to enjoy.
Secluded Island Getaway

Want to get away from it all? Our getaway makes it possible. Visit our family owned island and enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze and white sand beach. Let us know if you want to snorkel, or simply relax and do nothing. It’s your choice! It’s your vacation – we are at your disposal. You can take your family, go alone or plan a romantic getaway.

Resort Island Day Getaway

For those who do not like the secluded islands and want all the amenities, we have a trip for you as well. Offshore Placencia has quite a few island resorts. So if you would like to go offshore and relax, hit us up! We can take you out. You can enjoy the island resort life for the day and return to the mainland in the evening.

The most notable of these are Ray Caye Island Resort and King Lewey’s Island Resort. These islands contain all amenities as a mainland resort.

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Belize Island Hopping

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